• Atlas Engineering Group building information modelling (BIM), drafting, parametric modelling

    Drafting & Detailing

    Our drafting and detailing team support our engineers throughout the engineering design process, from concept development of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), through to detailing. This ensures our drafting engineers have a deep understanding of design and construction that yields great results and minimises rework.

    We boast capabilities across a broad range of software platforms to support your specific requirements, and will happily assist you with your particular drafting needs.

    All our drafting is done in accordance with AS1100 Technical Drawing Standards and any client requested CAD standards.

  • Atlas Engineering Group 3D Modelling, building information modelling (BIM)

    3D Building Information Modelling

    Changes in technology have made the use of 3D building information models (BIM) as affordable as 2D drafting.

    3D building information modelling (BIM) increases the ability of non-technical personnel to comprehend and contribute to the engineering design and construction process. This improves safety, design for maintenance, and stakeholder expectations.

    2D views can be taken from the building information models (BIM) to provide you with construction drawings that are compliant with your current standards, whilst giving you the benefits of 3D visualisation.

    Flyovers, walkthroughs and construction simulations can then easily and cost effectively be created to convey particular engineering design features to your clients or staff.

  • Atlas Engineering Group intelligent modelling, building information modelling, BIM

    Intelligent BIM Modelling

    Intelligent models, known commonly as Building Information Models (BIM) or Plant Information Models (PIM), build on the concept of 3D engineering designs, by associating building data with components in the 3D building information model (BIM).

    This can be used to:

    • enhance efficiency in the engineering design process
      3D Building Information Model (BIM)
    • provide virtual project planning schedules for construction
      4D building information model (BIM)
    • automate construction-quality bills of quantities
      5D building information model (BIM)

    These building information model (BIM) techniques minimise construction issues, and allow accurate quantity take-offs and greater collaboration between owner / operators, engineering designers and construction teams. Ultimately, they save time and money.

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