Melbourne Water

Enhancing Infrastructure & Maintenance Delivery (EIMD)


Program: EIMD

Value: >$100 million per annum

Duration: 10 years

Services: Program and project management, Project scoping and investment strategy, Engineering design and delivery support, Asset management, Digital engineering.

The project

CAPEX Upgrades

In collaboration with Programmed and Melbourne Water, we are maintaining and delivering CAPEX upgrades to the city’s water supply catchments, distribution networks, and treatment plants; ensuring the provision of high-quality water and wastewater service to Melbourne’s residents.

Forging Long Term Relationships

Our partnership approach focuses on long-term relationships, integration, consistency, and the long-term creation of value for customers.

With our focus on innovation and continuous improvement, we’re helping Melbourne Water achieve its goals of delivering reliable water and wastewater services, while moving toward a carbon neutral future which consistently and sustainably delivers value for the people of Melbourne.

Our commitment to social and indigenous engagement, through our support of Programmed’s Water Academy, ensures that the partnership will deliver training, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities to the community.

By partnering with Atlas, Programmed can offer Melbourne Water the best maintenance and capital works services available in the industry, and together we can ensure that the city’s water system remains reliable, resilient, and high-quality for years to come.

Atlas is committed to social and indigenous engagement.

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