Digital engineering

Improving collaboration and reducing risk through digital engineering. 

We use the latest digital mapping, scanning and modelling technology to reduce risk, keep costs down and open up opportunities for projects of every size.

When deployed in a brownfield environment, digital engineering techniques create a more collaborative way of working that delivers pinpoint accuracy and enables potential problems to be identified and dealt with before they arise.

Technologies we work with include LIDAR laser measurement, point cloud scanning, 3D and 4D building information modelling (BIM) and data visualisation. We also offer VR and AR walkthroughs to facilitate more effective safety reviews for operational and construction stakeholders.

Atlas’s reach, flexibility and strategic global partnerships mean we’re uniquely positioned to offer cutting edge digital engineering solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

Better, more cost-effective planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of your assets – that’s the digital advantage.

Virtual design and construction savings

Results based on an analysis of 18 project case studies by Mortenson.


Looking for an agile partner with digital engineering expertise? 

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